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Marketing BIG BRANDS online – 101 Lessons from someone DOING it, not TALKING about it (Ep 62)

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In just ten years, internet branding and online advertising has surpassed magazine advertising in terms of total dollars invested by brands.

During that time, there have been lots of people talking about how national brands should be using the web. Basically, a lot of opinions.

Ironically, most of these people have never worked for a big marketer, nor have they ever marketed a national brand.

Today, you’ll get an opportunity to hear from someone who has been doing it since the beginning – and his track record suggests that he knows what he is doing!

Seth Greenberg is the Director of Online Advertising and Internet Media for Intuit, marketers of brands like Quicken and Turbo Tax. On a side note, notice his title…more and more companies are dedicating headcount solely to focus on directing the brand’s online marketing and branding investment.

In addition to sharing with us how he sold in Vanilla Ice as the spokesperson for an online tax product, (that in and of itself should tell you that he’s a good marketer), you will get an insider’s look as to what it’s like to be responsible for a major online investment.

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