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Marketing in the Round – Episode #156

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For those of you that don’t know Gini Dietrich, you need to make her acquaintance. First, she’s one of the nicest people I know and second she is a blogging and content marketing rock star. You may recall Gini’s appearance on Brand Fast-Trackers last year, when she made the bold statement that soon, social media will be everyone’s job (if it’s not already), meaning that social is not going away and brands need to be actively engaging their customers. Gini has a new book out called Marketing in the Round that she co-authored with Geoff Livingston. Geoff is a marketing strategist, fundraiser and the VP of Strategic Partnerships at Razoo, a fantastic organization we will talk more about next week.

Marketing in the Round is all about breaking down the organizational silos that exist on both the brand and agency side and how to market in an open, communicative and ultimately more successful business model. There are many books on social media, but this is a honest to good marketing book. Gini and Geoff clearly explain the pros and cons of every single marketing strategy, including social. They guide us through breaking down communication barriers between departments and forming a truly integrated marketing program on multiple levels.

For a great review of the book, skip on over to Inkling Media and read Ken’s review, posted today. Tune into our interview with Gini and Geoff to learn more and don’t forget to buy the book!

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