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Brands must go beyond the tactical to be a true social business – Episode #162

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Social Business

There has been a lot of discussion lately around brands on Facebook, particularly in regards to their IPO. The real question is how will brands use tools like Facebook in the future? How will they really be leveraging social? Today, we turn to one of the most respected experts in this field. David Armano is the EVP, Global Innovation & Integration at Edelman Digital and the brains behind the well-respected Logic+Emotion blog.

David describes social business and what the term means as brands continuing to develop their social initiatives. According to David, brands have 5-10 years of hard work ahead. A true social business views social holistically, and goes beyond the tactical (social media marketing, and integrating PR and customer service into social profiles).

David also shares why he is bullish on Facebook long-term, what they are doing with sponsored stories and advertising is really breaking the mold. We discuss why influencer marketing is just a new form of advertising in its infancy and the same thing brands have been doing forever. Lastly, we discuss the emergence of the intrapreneur.

Fascinating episode on Facebook, social business and more!  Tune in below or on iTunes or Stitcher (enter code brandconnection for a chance to win).

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