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Brand Fast-Trackers #214 — Charisma. New Weapon for Success

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Charismatic Leadership 

Take a moment to think of the most effective and powerful leaders in history. Martin Luther King Jr. Abraham Lincoln. Nelson Mandela. What do all of these renowned leaders have in common? Charisma. In today’s podcast, we had the opportunity to speak with Bud Haney, co-author of Leadership Charisma, a step by step guide on how to become a more successful and charismatic leader.

Successful leaders demonstrate multiple qualities, so why is charisma the diamond in the ruff? Stated simply by Bud- “Charisma creates positive engagement and engagement drives business results.” An effective and charismatic leader can dramatically improve productivity, motivation and overall company success.

So what exactly is charisma defined as? “A special quality of leadership that captures the popular imagination and inspires allegiance and devotion.” Imagine the productivity and bottom line results companies could achieve if all of their employees felt an allegiance and devotion to the leader of their company; if every day they showed up prepared to give the results their leader desires.

Four Essential Steps

Bud reiterated a charismatic leader can absolutely be taught and he discusses the four key steps to be effectively charismatic:
1. Make a Decision to become a charismatic leader and commit.
2. Build a foundation for your charisma. Be self confident, visualize your success, and be proactive.
3. Fine tune your physical charisma, we communicate mostly through body language after all!
4. Create a charismatic leader’s persona.

I would like to leave today with a quote taken directly from the book:

“Charismatic leaders create and maintain a work environment where people are emotionally and intellectually committed to the organizations goals. They build an energetic and positive attitude in others and inspire them to do their very best.”

Key learning- everyone has the ability to be a leader and specifically a charismatic leader. You don’t have to be in an executive or senior role to be a leader either. Imagine the productivity, results and positive work environment everyone would experience if they made a conscience decision to change from a follower to a leader. Tune into the full podcast below or check us out on iTunes or Stitcher.

[ Lead Image via Creative Commons by Small Business Trends ]

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