Brand Fast Trackers #215- Audience First. Content Second.

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Audience Segmentation
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As Brand Connections is internally in the process of creating a brand new strategy for our social media channels, our recent podcast with Curtis Hougland, Founder of Attention USA, really hit home. Truly, the perfect conversation at the perfect time. In a nutshell, Attention demonstrates the value of social campaigns and channels by using social data and analytics that help brands see where their brand fits in the social space. More importantly, Attention precisely tells us what we should be doing with that information.

Social Strategy

We have spent hours upon hours in brainstorming sessions and meetings deliberating over innovative content to post. How to increase our reach, influence and engagement via a strategy, that is simply, mind blowing. I go into the podcast excited ready for Curtis to reaffirm that our team is on the right track. Then, Curtis lays this stat on us: 70% of content doesn’t work, receives almost no engagement and often doesn’t serve a purpose. He explains, “Everyone wants big content, big strategy, but there is less content innovation this year than there was last year, content is less innovative than it was before.”

Curtis continues to explain that “why people seek content is more important than the content itself.” Interesting- I am listening, “Everyone wants big content, big strategy. No one wants to do the dirty work of seeing how it works and making sure the RIGHT people see it.”

As the cliche saying goes, “don’t put the cart before the horse.” Before we can generate our impressive content strategy, we must understand our audience; their behaviors, relationships, interests and needs. If you reach the right people, in the right niches, that is the best way to go about looking at your content strategy. In sum, you need to understand who exactly your audience is and create content that is relevant and engaging for them, “Get your audience segmentation right then you have a 50% higher chance that your content will be received.”

Tune into the full podcast below or check us out on iTunes or Stitcher for more key insights.

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