Brand Fast-Trackers #213 — Seize the Narrative

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So Long and Farewell

I hope everyone had a great holiday last week. Today is bittersweet. This will be my last blog post for Brand Fast-Trackers and Brand Connections. After 3.5 wonderful years I’ve found a new opportunity and will be transferring duties to two trusted and wonderful colleagues: Breanne Hiser & Wendy Benstock. Bre will take over writing duties and a lot of the technical aspects and Wendy will manage the overall production of the show. It has been such a pleasure producing and writing about these shows these past few years. What started as a task turned into a true love for podcasting and audio. I’m proud of each and every interview and hope to see Brand Fast-Trackers live a long time into the future. I hope to stay in touch with many of you.

Killing Giants

Now to today’s episode. We first spoke with Stephen Denny when his book Killing Giants: 10 Strategies to Topple the Goliaths in Your Industry came out. Since that time, Stephen has toured the world speaking about book and it is now available in 6 languages. A very impressive feat! As he toured around speaking about the book, he realized there was a supplementary need, so he recently published a Killing Giants eBook update that includes the KG frame work with a few more real world case studies. One of those case studies was of GM Netcon/Jabra and their GM Pete Fox.  Both Stephen and Pete joined us for this interview.

 The Killing Giants Frame Work:

KG Frame workHow many times have you read a really great business book? I mean a really great business book. One that changed how you approach your business? Have you ever read a book that drove you to contact the author and hire them for your business? I am guessing not. But that is exactly what happened when Pete Fox read Killing Giants.

Of the three frames above, Stephen said that the idea of Seizing the Narrative had been resonating the most with his readers/listeners and it was that knowledge that led him to put together the eBook. It was this idea that also sparked Pete to contact Stephen.

Pete_5847_square                                                                                               “I found the book really practical, so I got a hold of Stephen and realized immediately if we allowed our competitor to define who we were, then we would stay exactly there. So changing the narrative was really exciting.”

Giant Slayed

So what were the results of Jabra seizing the narrative with Stephen’s help? An impressive 20MM in incremental sales. That’s nothing to slouch at. Jabra found themselves getting in front of targets in a way no one had the ability to do before with a 20% lead rate to actual marketing opportunities. The “Devices Make Experiences,” campaign is now in its third year.

To hear the rest of this interview click below or catch us on itunes or stitcher.

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