Brand Fast-Trackers #212 – The Age of the Entrepreneur

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The Age of the Entrepreneur
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Employees, Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs

One of the key tenets of this podcast is entrepreneurship or how do I go from being an employee to an entrepreneur? We have certainly have had many entrepreneurs on this show, and have also recognized the growing trend of intrapreneurship. Today speaking with today’s guest made perfect sense. Julie Cottineau has a long history in the agency world at Grey and Interbrand and spent almost 5 years as the VP of Brands for Virgin. I don’t know about you, but when I think about famous entrepreneurs, Richard Branson certainly comes to mind. Now Julie oversees her own brand consultancy and uses lateral, out-of-category thinking to help agencies and entrepreneurs innovate through BrandTwist and BrandSchool.

Lessons from Richard

Richard Branson

Richard Branson at Gulltaggen

One of the must ask questions for someone who has worked with Richard Branson is what did they learn, so we asked Julie what her key takeaways were from her time at Virgin. I found this particularly fascinating because Virgin plays in so many different buckets and succeeds.

How do you translate the Virgin brand across categories successfully in everything from mobile to credit card to airplanes? In asking Julie what lessons she took with her, she shared four key nuggets:

  1. A Clear Core Promise Julie shares the biggest thing she learned is that the reason why Virgin can go into so many different categories is that they have a really clear core promise, which is about shaking things up and delivering a good promise to the consumer.
  2. Your Brand is the Product/Experience Your offering must deliver what it promises to do. This is key and comes before the messaging.
  3. Embrace Failure Failure is embraced at Virgin as a learning opportunity. Only through failure can you go on to succeed the next time.
  4. Know your Brand Framework Virgin is involved in multiple industries and verticals so knowing the brand tenets was key. If you can’t stay true to who you are as a brand when expanding into new opportunities, you will likely fail. Your brand should not be a document; it should be a living tool.

The Age of the Entrepreneur

The conversation with Julie covered a lot of territory, but one trend she pointed out is that it is the age of the entrepreneur. It has become easier and easier for inspiring entrepreneurs (and intrapreneurs) to launch their businesses quickly as easily. There has never been a time where there were so many resources at our disposal. So the next time you have a big idea, run with it. You never know what may happen. To this end, I stumbled across this fun little infographic and thought it was help some of you to make the leap. Tune into the full podcast below or check us out on iTunes or Stitcher.

Getting Over Fear On The Way To Becoming an Entrepreneur


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[Branson image via Creative Commons by Gulltaggen

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