Brand Fast-Trackers #210 – Picture Your Business Strategy

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picture your business strategy
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Picture Your Business Strategy

In mid-April I attended the Ad Age Digital Conference and at some point found myself sitting next to a woman who was drawing the conference. We’ve all seen those fantastic business-doodles that represent the “big idea” or the most salient points of a presentation. But seeing one of these unfold in person is another matter altogether. I was enthralled to see one of these drawings in progress and especially impressed because the artist was drawing solely with her iPad. This got me thinking about how one goes about drawing in this way and I was lucky to come across a fantastic book about this very topic.

Today we are joined by Chris Chopak, the author of Picture Your Business Strategy: Transform Decisions with the Power of Visuals. Chris’s company Alchemy helps companies of all varieties use visual/drawing techniques to both tell their stories and solidify their strategies. So what do you do if you can’t draw. I know this is a fear of mine. During the interview, Brian mentions he has the same fear. As Chris puts it though, it’s not about the drawing, it’s actually about the critical listening skills. She says, If you can draw a circle, triangle and an arrow, you can do this.”

Drawing Goofy


This led Brian to share an anecdote that really resonated with me. He recently spent a bit of time with a Disney animator. (I promise this all relates.) At first, you think how magical animated characters are and how complicated they must be to draw and make lifelike, but the animator pointed out to Brian if you can draw a circle, a square and a few others things, you can draw Goofy.  I don’t know about you, but this sounds an awful lot like what Chris is talking about. So I took the point to heart and came up with the image you see here. Now if I can draw something someone can at least recognize as Goofy, all of us can put Chris’ advice to work and draw for our respective businesses.

Listen Without the Intent to Respond

I can’t tell you how many times this has been drilled into my head by our esteemed host, but Brian is right. When you really focus on what someone is saying, you can identify needs in a way you won’t be able to if you are instantly trying to interject your opinion. The bottom line is that 83% of us are visual learners. Why is this so critical?

  • By the time we are 27, our neural pathways are very well established.
  • Our brain like consistency and repetition. We like patterns.
  • There are only 3 mediums that engaged both sides of our brain and the left and right sides are firing neurons across the hemispheres — Art, Music, and Mathematics.

Imagine the possibilities that drawing can lead to when you embrace it during a more logical, left-brained strategy session. I’m excited already. To hear the rest of the interview tune in below or check us out on iTunes or Stitcher. 


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