Brand Fast-Trackers #209 – The Holy Marketing Grail: ROI

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What is the Holy Marketing Grail? ROI, ROI, ROI

Okay, brand marketers, ROI is the holy grail, so where have you assigned your best copywriters and content generators to achieve that ROI? If I had to guess, I would say it’s still in your TV/Broadcast advertising. Despite how TV is changing with an evolving on-demand culture, conventional wisdom tells us broadcast still works, so this marketing focus/spend is still the right way, right? RIGHT? Well, maybe not, shares today’s guest.

Meet Email Marketing’s Rebel Extraordinaire

DJ Waldow joins us today to discuss this very issue. DJ is the co-author of The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing: Grow Your List, Break the Rules, and Win (along with past BFT guest Jason Falls). He is known through the digital/social marketing space as the email guy. If you get a unique email, you tag DJ on FB or Twitter and say, ‘Hey DJ, have you seen this?” The point is, he knows his stuff when it comes to email. 

‘Email, how boring,’ you may scoff, but as DJ shares during the interview, there is a $40 return from every dollar spent on email marketing. Let me say that again, the Return on Investment for Email Marketing is $40 for every $1 spent. Is the same true for that $4-5 Million you spent on that one Super Bowl TV spot?

For DJ, email is a missed opportunity for a lot of brands. Yes, they’re sending emails, but they are not optimized for consumption by different devices, nor are they designed to always provoke a response (SALES). As he puts it:

Email is your best return on investment, so you should have the best team on it, the best writers, the best designers, etc dedicated to your email marketing efforts. 

3 Key Tips on How to Amp Your Email Marketing

Beyond putting your best people on your email marketing, DJ offers these 3 tips to see the holy marketing grail – true ROI – come to fruition.

  1. Leverage Social. Give your consumers an incentive to share the email or connect with you on social networks. Email is inherently social. And it works both ways. Make sure you are on Facebook etc and giving people a reason to subscribe to your email list.  
  2. Be more human. Your emails should not be overtly salesy and read ‘blah blah blah buy my stuff.’ That just doesn’t resonate. You must capture people’s attention and you can do that through being more human in your approach and assigning your best people to your email initiatives. 
  3. Test, test and test some more. Email gives you an opportunity at immediate feedback, so don’t waste it. What is your average open rate? Are you testing subject lines? Images? 

Tune into the full podcast below for this and many more tips on making your email efforts work even better for your brand.

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