Brand Fast-Trackers #207 – So Delicious

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For those of you that follow me on my other social accounts (Hey, connect why dontcha? Twitter, FB, LinkedIn), you know I am at minimal, very health conscious. I’m gluten free, mostly dairy free (cheese, must have it), and sugar free when I am really on my game. That being said, it was a special thrill to have Mike Murray, VP of Marketing for So Delicious® Dairy Free on the show. Mike is a classically trained marketer who spent the bulk of his career at General Mills. And this at a time when both digital and social media marketing gained their footholds and fundamentally changed brand management.

Mike is now overseeing the fast-growing So Delicious® and helping the brand bring joy to dairy free lives. For Mike, growth comes from 3 key marketing philosophies:

  1. Understanding, evaluating and leveraging trends. This really resonated with me, as Mike talked about the macro trend of health and wellness and the micro trends of dairy free and veganism. It makes sense that a brand focused on dairy free products has a lot to draw from here, but the lessons apply to all brands. Pay attention to what consumers are thinking about or paying attention to and finding a niche to serve them becomes easier.
  2. Using Hyper-Targeted Marketing. This thought ties back the podcast we did with Erika Napoletano. Figure out who your customers AREN’T, then focus on your customer. Mike puts it like this: “The correct way to grow [a brand] is to be more exclusionary with your target consumer. It seems counter-intuitive but it is not. The more exclusive you are, the better you can understand and meet the needs of that consumer. The outer circle growth takes care of itself. The reason it works is the increased empathy will yield stronger, more relevant consumer insights.”
  3. Mission-based Brand Identity. We’ve talked a lot about this through various shows, whether    we were speaking to UNICEF’s Caryl Stern or Method Home’s Eric Ryan or Seventh Generation’s Joey Bergstein. One part of me thinks this won’t apply to every brand, and another part of me asks ‘why not’? Find a mission that makes sense with your brand identity, integrate it, make it resonate for your customers. Be authentic, but also take advantage of it.

Brand and agency marketers alike, i really think there is a lot to glean from Mike and this interview. Tune into the full episode below. And hey, if you haven’t yet read our new eBook - Career Advice from 5 of the World’s Best Marketers compiled from the brilliant guests of this very podcast, click below. 


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