Brand Fast-Trackers #206 – Mitch Joel’s Ctrl+Alt+Delete (Podcast)

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Tom Fishbourne
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Mitch Joel’s Ctrl+Alt+Delete

On Friday, I posted my book review of Mitch Joel‘s new book, Ctrl+Alt+Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends on ItToday, I’m pleased to share the podcast discussion we had with Mitch about the book. As I discussed in the book review, for me, the greatest part of the book is that Mitch takes it further than a lot of other business books I have read. Part 1 discusses NOT the trends to look out for, but the 5 fundamental movements that have ALREADY happened and what your brand needs to do to survive.

So much of the book and the discussion really hit me, but for as much as we talk about the fragmented media world, it is amazing what a truly relevant ad can do.

“If you put something truly relevant in front of me, it will make an impression and I will act on it.” –Mitch Joel

Want your mind-blowing fact of the day? Mitch shared that Google advertising revenue is greater than all print media advertising globally. 

Surviving and Thriving as a Modern Employee or Entrepreneur

For part 2 of the book, Mitch shares lessons for individuals. The 5 movements he discussed have irrovacably changed business, but they’ve also changed how we as individuals need to operate. What do you need to do to survive as a modern employee? Mitch recommends operating with a digital first posture, making a concerted effort to build you own (personal) brand by investing in yourself and operating as if you were in a start-up.So what does operating in a digital first posture really mean? Here are Mitch’s Key Lessons

  1. Be Human – People by from people, not companies.
  2. Be a Digital Native – Don’t be afraid of new technologies. Embrace them. Be the first to try them.
  3. Take care to remember social ranking. Sites like Klout, Kred and PeerIndex are here to stay.
  4. Be Humble. Concede with grace when something you are trying online is not working.
  5. Embrace the simple. Don’t over complicate.

Tune into the full episode below and hey, buy Mitch’s book. It will become your new business bible. Oh, and if you don’t already read Mitch’s blog or listen to his podcast, do that too. You will be smarter for it. :-)

[Lead image by the fantastic Tom Fishbourne]

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