Brand Fast-Trackers #200 – The Power of Unpopular

April 10, 2013, 2 // no responses
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 The Power of Unpopular

Today’s show really resonated with me. We were lucky to be joined by Erika Napoletano, author of The Power of Unpopular. So what is exactly the power of unpopular? When we spoke recently with Peter Shankman talking how critical it is that businesses are nice, that struck me too and I wondered if we were talking about opposing viewpoints here. In listening to Erika, I came to realize these two are really talking about very similar things or at minimum approaching the same problem from two complementary angles.

What I really love about Erika’s approach is that marketers tend to be people-pleasers, (Yes, I am talking to you.), but you can’t please everyone. When you try to please or appeal to the masses, you end up appealing to no one.

“Are you more worried about how many people you have or more worried about having an audience that loves you, spends money and time with you and is enthusiastic about sharing who you are with everyone they know who they think might like the same things they do?” -Erika Napoletano

Erika advises that brands start with who they don’t want to be as a brand. Do you really want to be like your competitor? Maybe, but maybe not. Once you do this, says Erika, “your competitive landscape shifts and becomes a whole lot smaller.” Two companies this makes me think about (and 2 past podcast guests coincidentally!) is Method and Seventh Generation. Neither of them were trying to be like their giant competitors. Method strives to be environmentally friendly with a great design aesthetic and Seventh Generation appeals to a very specific customer, who is also very environmentally-friendly.

To hear more on the power of unpopular, listening below. And hey, check out Erika’s Tedx talk on this very topic. You will love it.

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