Brand Fast-Trackers #196 – SEO’s Long-term Game

March 13, 2013, 3 // no responses
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We spoken here before about content marketing and most recently about using your content to make more lovable marketing. It seems that content goes hand in hand with SEO or search engine optimization. As I think about SEO, I think there are two big misnomers or things that are misunderstood about SEO by marketers.

  1. SEO is the same thing as digital ad buys via Adwords and other platforms
  2. SEO is getting higher search rankings via shady tactics

Today we wanted to clear up any confusion, so we brought Andrew Dumont of SEOMoz on the show. Andrew helped to clarify a lot of the above. The days of black hat SEO are over. The key to high rankings is essentially high-quality content. What surprises me is how few brands are actively engaged in real SEO. We are basically looking at the 80/20* rule, but it is working against us. Markerters are essentially spending the bulk of their digital ad spend (and time) on platforms like AdWords, and yet that effort is only reaching 20% of consumers. Said another way, 80% of searchers prefer the organic content over the paid, promoted ones.

So why aren’t more brands engaging deeply with SEO in this way? For Andrew it boils down to this:

It’s hard. It takes work and it takes time. ROI is harder to calculate.

Marketers are often pinned to a marketing mix model or ROI calculator. Do things the way they have always done them. The risk of course is that sometimes sticking with what has worked in the past no longer means you are playing the long-term game. And that is the game we all want to win. 

Which will you do?

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*Not exact figures

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As a whole, SEO workers are preferred to use white hat SEO. It is much better and safer to use rather than black hat SEO. This kind of SEO technques can easily boost your rankings and bring more traffic towards your website without being penalized by Google Panda and Penguin.


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