Jay Baer — “If you have no content, then what are you talking about on social media?” – Episode 160

June 4, 2012, 1 Comment // Comment
content marketing
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In today’s podcast, we are joined by Jay Baer. Jay is a social media strategist, author, speaker and President of Convince & Convert. Jay shares incredible insights into how brands and companies can and should be embracing content marketing.

Jay offers practical advice into developing great content and shares why it really comes before social in many cases. Otherwise, you are just talking about yourself! This really ties into to what Jay shared on the latest episode of his own Social Pros podcast.

During the show, Jay also made the bold statement that Google needs to be your most important customer when it comes to content creation. If you are not find-able/searchable, why create the content?

At the end of the day, Jay shares, content marketing and social media are not inexpensive because they are highly labor intensive, but we must find time for them because they are critical for growing your business.

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