Advice on dividing marketing spend to increase profits for your brand (Ep 125)

May 16, 2011, 3 // no responses
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All brand marketers and agency executives consistently struggle with how to divide their marketing budgets among TV, online, print, and promotion; how they opt to spend their money ends up having a huge affect on revenues and profits. Knowing this, we reached out to Bev Thorne, CMO of Century 21. Real estate is the 2nd largest sector with enormous amounts of competition, yet in 2009, Bev and her team decided to shift all of their marketing dollars online and forgo TV. In this podcast, she describes why the move was a great success for them, enabling them to increase leads 248%, and decrease spending by 63%. Through this, Century 21 became a very lean, lead-generating machine. Bev also shares great advice on how brand marketers need to alternate between listening and acting, take advantage of online opportunities and why Century 21 has returned to TV, bigger and better than ever.

In her role as Chief Marketing Officer for Century 21 Real Estate LLC, Bev Thorne leads the planning and execution of the domestic marketing strategies in support of market share growth for the largest real estate franchise organization in the world. She is responsible for leading the strategy development and program execution of all consumer, broker and agent marketing programs. These efforts include: brand strategy and execution, direct marketing, national advertising, localized marketing and coop advertising, interactive marketing and technology, agent and broker marketing, targeted market promotions and marketing, sales support, public relations, media relations, internal communications and all promotional activities. She oversees the optimization of a National Advertising Fund with the overall goals to increase preference for the brand, to generate qualified customer leads, and to grow market share. Thorne earned her MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and has worked extensively in the areas of consumer marketing, strategic branding and event marketing management over her twenty-plus year career.

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  2. [...] Bev Thorne – CMO, Century 21 Real Estate. Yes really. Under Bev’s stewardship, Century 21 has done some fascinating things – very cutting edge in my humble opinion – with their marketing mix. They were one of the big advertisers who gave up their tv advertising and embraced social media. They invested heavily here and built a community that supports them today. They were able to show incredible ROI (a 248% increase in leads), so when they came back to TV with a big super bowl spot in 2011, they were really able to make it pay off. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Bev on a few occasions, and have to say she is one of the most insightful marketers I have come across. Given that her CMO tenure continues 5+ down the line, I’m not the only one who agrees. Take a listen here. [...]

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